Hi, my name is Aadhi. I’m looking to buy and operate one great business.

Private equity firms may need you to stay involved in the day-to-day. Strategic acquirers may dismantle the company you’ve worked hard to build. I can provide a better path that preserves and extends your legacy.

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About Elm Lake

Elm Lake provides liquidity & succession for business owners.

Elm Lake’s goal is to acquire one business and then step in to run it. We represent a great alternative for business owners who:

  • Are seeking liquidity to diversify their net worth, with the flexibility to retain some ownership if they want

  • Need a succession plan to allow them to transition out of their day-to-day responsibilities or reduce their involvement

But beyond that - Elm Lake is just an extension of me. It’s a vehicle through which I can provide a seamless transition for business owners looking to move onto their next chapter. I’m not a private equity firm or one of your competitors. My goal is the long-term growth and extension of the company you’ve worked hard to build.

Investing in B2B services and software in the United States.

I am looking at businesses in niches within the broader B2B services & software industries. The general company characteristics I look for include:

  • $5M - $50M revenues or $2M+ ARR
  • Consistent growth
  • Reoccuring business
  • Diverse customer base

If you think Elm Lake is a fit for your next step, reach out and let’s setup an intro call.

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Backed by decades of experience in operating middle-market businesses.

I’m grateful and lucky to be supported by a team of investors & advisors that bring no shortage of experience operating middle-market businesses across countless industries.

I’ve included a few here, but if you’re interested in the full list & bios - feel free to reach out.

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My Philosophy

Trust is built with consistency

Above all else, I want to build trust between both parties.

This isn’t just a transaction to me. It’s a chance to build a long-term relationship with an accomplished business owner. Crucial to that relationship is mutual trust and respect. I’ve built a successful career on the back of fostering these relationships with my bosses and peers. I expect this opportunity to be an extension of that core principle.

To that end: I’m not going to overpromise. I’m not going to hardball. I’m going to deal in good faith and I expect to be treated fairly in return. This will likely be a life changing arrangement for both of us and I want us to start it off on the right foot.